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She possibly is actually a nail biter, takes on the guitar, or operates construction. No matter, that is a lady who has got no hassle hoisting within the opposite side for the settee to move it or making use of the woman fingers to pay off a clogged drain. The drawback: she will truly take your beer. Even worse, she can be the kind whom only shaves below the knee, or otherwise not at all.

Quick and well-kept

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She takes excellent care of herself, but she actually is neither compulsive nor fanatical about it. Typically an obvious nail-polish kind of girl, often she’ll get insane and do a dark red. And when in some time, whenever she is feeling a lot more conventional, she will spring for a French manicure together with the white tip. That is the hint that usually missionary-style girl is prepared for a ride over the top.

Ultra Long

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Drama. For this lady, the girl nail size is actually straight proportional on the amount of upkeep she’s going to want to keep her happy. Certainly, physically productive times are away. Long-nailed women slim toward the shallow aspects of life, so expect many purchasing and fine eating, plus (here’s the redeemer) plenty of hot intercourse. Be sure that you watch the back between the sheets, ’cause this tiger is bound to keep some claw scars.


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Even if she actually is attractive and contains a good individuality, she actually is also relatively low and desires be some thing she actually is not. Grit your teeth for numerous envy, psychological fits, and furious outbursts whenever situations don’t go the woman way. Be careful, too, since artificial nails can indicate models with fake boobs, phony eyelashes, and who knows what more. (just how to verify in case the girl’s fingernails tend to be bogus and/or actual bargain: synthetic types appear to be synthetic and therefore are thicker than natural fingernails.)

Ebony fingernails

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She is edgy and a crazy youngster. You could have a Goth woman or a despondent nut work on your arms, but regardless, she actually is probably a lot of fun to try out with. Unless, without a doubt, black colored may be the colour of as soon as inside the style world, in which case you may inadvertently end up being connecting with a closet crisis king.